Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Do you offer Free Consultations? 

Yes, consultations are always free.

 They give us the opportunity to go over your case, 

discuss your options and agree on the fees.

Can I Afford your Services? 

Virtually everyone can afford our services. 

We work with our clients to set a fair price and work

 on a sliding scale to set fees for our services. 

We can also split up the process into phases to allow the client to evaluate each phase. 

This allows the client to determine if proceeding further is warranted 

and determine what additional cost may be incurred to do so.   


Do I Need a Lawyer?

Every case is different . 

If you already have a lawyer, we are glad to work with them to assist with your case. 

If you do not have a lawyer and the situation dictates that you need counsel, we will be glad to help refer you to an attorney that specializes in the type of case you are involved in.